The Ultimate Rear-view Mirror

You wouldn't drive a car without a rear view mirror, why ride a bike without one?

Take-A-Look rear view mirror.

Whether you’re avid cyclists, like the team at Ultra Fit Over 50, or an occasional peddler, there’s one very inexpensive safety device that is, in our humble opinion, completely indispensable — the Take-A-Look rear view mirror.

With a steel and brass frame and swivel system that is incredibly adjustable, providing enough resistance that it never moves out of adjustment, even at high speeds or on rough roads — and no cheap plastic here — you always know what’s coming up from behind.

Think about it: You wouldn’t drive your car without a rear view mirror. Right? So why ride your bike without the same sense of safety.?

And, to top it off, it costs about $11.00. That’s it.

Why attach a rear view mirror to your sunglasses rather than your helmet or handlebars? Simple.  It’s far easier to move your head a tiny bit for a complete view and, as long as you have your glasses you have your rear view safety mirror.

And get this, it weighs a mere 9 grams and is made in the USA.

It’s available right now on Amazon, here.

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