30 Minutes That Will Change Your Life

Sea Isle City 10 Miler
Green Smoothies All Around Before Sea Isle City 10 Miler, Aug. 2016. One of us is Ultra Fit over 50. Guess who?

OK, so let’s get started.  I firmly believe that being Ultra Fit Over 50 is all about embracing healthy lifestyle approaches — in particular fitness and food –and doing them every single day.

No exception.

So, we’ll start with something that each one of us can be comfortable with:  30 Minutes That Will Change Your Life!  Here’s the plan:

  • 15 minute walk (or gentle, gentle run) — approximately 1 mile.  That’s all!
  • 5 minutes of gentle weight lifting
  • 5 minutes of yoga
  • 5 minutes of meditation (cool down)

Even more impressive is how this relatively modest workout regime adds up to big minutes of cumulative fitness each month.

Getting StartedYes! 30 minutes per day = 900 minutes per month and nearly 15 full hours of exercise per month.  That’s big.

Never stop!