When legendary ultra runner Nikki Kimball took on Vermont’s 273-mile Long Trail — which predates the Appalachian Trail — blisters and lack of sleep were the least of her challenges.

This movie, Finding Traction, is all about a quest and a big one at that.  Nikki sets out to be the fastest person to run America’s oldest hiking trail — from end to end.

Our Ultra Fit Over 50 squad has been on this very trail and it’s gorgeous.   For Nikki and her support team, the scenery becomes somewhat secondary as she pushes herself beyond human endurance.  There is a serenity and beauty in the pain — and lots of it.

Above all else, she never seems to stop.

But from a larger perspective, what we like most about Nikki and the film is the overriding goal both have to inspire people — just like you and me — to embrace the great outdoors and pursue our passions in the process.

See the trailer here and visit the website here.

Never Stop