The Daily Fast: You’ll Feel Lean and Serene

Going hungry each day strengthens mind, body and spirit. Give it a try. You're Never Stop!

Running on beach in Costa Rica

OK, here’s an approach we’ve been exploring recently, and with good results.

Many extol the benefits of routine fasting as a way of cleansing the body, clearing the mind and achieving a heightened level of wellness.

Sounds good, but when you’ve got a busy professional schedule and a demanding exercise routine, what’s an UltraFitOver50 to do?

Try this: Complete your last meal of the day, dinner, at around 7:00 pm.  From that point on, simply don’t snack or eat.  Carry on with your evening activities. Do something stimulating, enlightening and fun — just don’t eat.

Then, when you get up the next morning, rather than reach for the coffee cup, do a minimum 30-minute workout (check out 30 Minutes that Will Change Your Life).

After that, you’ll be starving and your body will really appreciate the nourishment.  You’ll fee lean and serene.  Guaranteed.

Never Stop