Beat the Sweet: Take the No-Sugar Challenge

It's sweet, irresistible and omnipresent. It's also addictive and a threat to your wellness. So get ready to say sayonara to sugar!

Ready to man- or woman-up and see if you can resist added sugar for a four-week period?

Take the Ultra Fit Over 50 “Beat the Sweet” challenge.  Here’s how it works.  Remove added sugar from your diet.

In our case, our editor thought he was a pretty “clean eater.”  Then, he began to tally up the the added teaspoons of sugar he consumed daily.  It looked like this, pretty much every day:

Dark chocolate =                  + 4 teaspoons
Sugar in coffee and tea =      + 5 teaspoons
Vegan ice cream scoop =       + 3 teaspoons
Homemade muffins=             + 3 teaspoons

Total =                                 15 teaspoons of added sugar each day, or 105 teaspoons per week.

SugarAnd get this — that equates to 1 full pound of added sugar per week.  What’s more, it doesn’t matter if you’re consuming brown sugar, white sugar or honey.  It’s still sugar!  Sorry folks.

Here at UltraFitOver 50, we’ve been off added sugar for seven weeks now — eliminating seven full pounds of sugar so far!

Are you in?   Write to us at: [email protected] and tell us about your challenge.  Better yet, call out a few friends and family members as well. Pics and personal accounts are always welcome.


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