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Paul and Bob

Live Directions While You Ride: Thanks Google Maps!

Ever visit a new city or want a special bike ride but wish you had a full-time GPS whispering in your ear the entire...

Ride the Rock! Gibraltar, Santa Barbara

Looking to do an amazing climb in a spectacular setting?  Want to see the Pacific Ocean on one side and what looks like the...
Running on beach in Costa Rica

The Daily Fast: You’ll Feel Lean and Serene

OK, here's an approach we've been exploring recently, and with good results. Many extol the benefits of routine fasting as a way of cleansing the...

Beat the Sweet: Take the No-Sugar Challenge

Ready to man- or woman-up and see if you can resist added sugar for a four-week period? Take the Ultra Fit Over 50 “Beat the...

Why We’re Sour on Sugar, and You Should be Too: Part I

Sugar. It’s everywhere nowadays and, quite simply, it’s killing us. Don’t think so?  Check out the science: It’s overwhelming.  A recent article from the Journal...

Why Meditate: Mind over Matter

Ever wonder why people meditate?  Is it right you?  How to get started? Meditation is an ancient practice that people have used for thousands of...
105-year-old Frenchman Who Just Set the World Record

Meet the 105-year-old Frenchman Who Just Set the Cycling World Record, Riding 14 MPH

The Ultra Fit Over 50 crowd has a new hero: Frenchman Robert Marchand, who was once told by a coach that he should give...

How to Meditate: Getting Started

Meditation is all about being calm, cool and confident, so find a conducive environment  where you know you won’t be disturbed. Next, sit down in...

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DTSwiss Wheels

GREAT PRICE! DT Swiss Axis 3.0 Wheelset + Cassette for Sale: Only $199.99!

Very Clean, Rarely Used...Perfect for Training or Racing -- Includes Ultegra Cassette + Schwalbe Tires Offered for sale is...

SOLD! Specialized Roubaix Pro Dura Ace 54

JUST SOLD! ... a fabulous, light-weight Specialized Roubaix Pro Dura Ace -- 54 -- with extra features that is clean, tuned...