I’m 62, don’t take meds or supplements. So join me on the journey to be Ultra Fit Over 50

Fun, fitness, friends and fabulous food

UFO 50 Paul

Ready to feel great, have more fun, drop a few pounds and re-energize your life in a way that you never thought possible?

Then join me, Paul Feldman, on a journey together to be Ultra Fit Over 50!  So get this: we don’t have to be ultra marathoners or swim the English Channel.

Rather, I am inviting you to join me on a personal voyage of fun, fitness, friends and fabulous food.  And, in the process, I think you’ll find some terrific benefits.  You’ll probably lose a few unwanted pounds, get back the body that you’ve always wanted, have more energy than you ever thought possible for someone our age and hop out of bed every single morning with a lust for life that is simply remarkable.

As for me, I’ve been following a focused-Feldman-Fitness approach for the past two years that features:

  • A plant-based, delicious diet at every meal
  • A broad-range of fun sport and fitness programs that I do, with joy, every single day
  • Plenty of sleep
  • Lots of love

So join me and let’s get Ultra Fit Over 50 together.  You’ll love it!

Paul and Elspeth Feldman at Machu Picchu
Paul and Elspeth Feldman at Machu Picchu

Paul and Elspeth Feldman at Machu Picchu