Sport Sunglasses with Readers — See More, Carry Less

Reader sunglasses

OK, if you’re like most folks over 50, you may be in pretty good shape but your eyesight has probably lagged a bit — especially for reading.

That can be a real hassle when you’re out for a nice run or bike ride.  Good news, there’s a great solution.

A number of the top sunglass manufacturers produce sport models with built-in readers at the bottom.  We’ve demoed them for months and their absolutely fantastic.

Now, everything from looking down at your bike computer to glancing at your watch — or stopping on the side of the road to check a message — is just plain easy.  No need to carry another pair of glasses.  These puppies work great for just about everything.  Now you’ll:

  • Read your cyclocomputer while you ride.
  • View your heart rate monitor while you run.
  • See your score card while golfing.
  • Read your trailmap while skiing or hiking.
  • Read while lounging at the beach or pool.

Check out a few models:

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