Joi Cafe

While three short phrases help describe Joi Cafe, located in sunny Westlake Village, California— “organic, plant-based and gluten free” — they can’t come close to capturing the essence of the experience.

Hands down, this is one of our favorite restaurants anywhere, and we’ll travel across the United States just for a lunch.  And dinner. Seriously.

Joi and Paul, Joi Cafe
Joi and Paul at where else… Joi Cafe

A sneak peak at just a few of the offerings — all of which are fabulous — tells the story.  So, wrap your head and stomach around a small sampling of these healthy, delicious creations:


  • Superfood Pancakes
    A trio of chia, flax, hemp seed & banana pancakes, topped with fresh fruit and drizzled with pure maple syrup
  • JOi’s Avocado Toast
    Toasted bread topped with fresh avocado, kale pesto, purple cabbage, micro greens, pumpkin seeds and sprinkled with sumac. Served with hummus and a squeeze of lime


    Açai, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, bananas, goji berries, chia and flax seeds topped with JOi’s House-Made Granola, fresh strawberries, bananas, shredded coconut and agave
    Bananas, cacao, almond butter, dates, coconut, spinach, OJIO Sport® organic protein topped with JOi’s House-Made granola, fresh strawberries, bananas, cacao nibs, shredded coconut and agave


  • The Bob Marley
    This “Rawsta Pasta” is our raw zucchini “pasta” tossed with avocado pesto, tomatoes, arugula, capers and olives topped with pumpkin seeds
  • Hula Kale Salad
    Kale salad with a nest of beets, shaved coconut, grilled pineapple, strawberries, macadamia nuts and hemp seeds with coconut miso dressing


  • The JOi Enchiladas – UltraFitOver50 Favorite!
    Filled with sweet potatoes, fresh peppers, spinach, corn, black beans, coconut, cinnamon and cilantro topped with our homemade enchilada sauce and fresh California avocado. Served with rice & beans. Lunch & dinner have now been elevated to a whole new level of love… ¡Te amo y te quiero!
  • BBQ Pizza
    Hawaiian-style spicy BBQ jackfruit, pineapple, red onion, jalapeño and cashew cheese. Served with a side salad. Aloha.
  • Mighty Mediterranean Bowl
    Garbanzo beans, heirloom tomatoes, kalamata olives, cucumbers, red onion, arugula tossed with a kale vinaigrette over brown rice/quinoa mix. Served with toasted Pita Bread and home hummus

So check it out Joi Cafe at:

2855 Agoura Road
Westlake Village, CA 91361

You’ll love it.