Looking to up your running pace, performance and do it with data?

Meet Ambiorun.

It’s a foot pod that connects to your sneaks and captures metrics including stride length, cadence, strike type, ground contact time, impact load and rotation. For real!

The coach algorithm analyzes past training sessions and suggests optimal parameters to focus on for the greatest possible improvement.

The company claims that “joints and tendons are protected by closely monitoring impact and rotation forces, analyzing the optimal load reducing running strategy and translating it into real-time instructions like increase or decrease step length versus step frequency (dependent on current speed and personal factors), switch to a different strike pattern (heel- mid foot- toe, dependent on experienced pain) and more.”

You communicate with your Ambiorun coach easily and immediately by pushing a pain button, setting personal thresholds and recording how you feel after every run. Like a good coach, Ambiorun is responsive and coaches to optimize your running style and training intensity based on personal goals to make you run faster, longer and reduce your injury risk.

Check it out here.

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