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Getting UltraFitOver50 is all about the intersection of a terrific workout schedule, good food choices and an overall approach to wellness.

bikers and base training

Go Slow to Go Fast: Part 2

In Part 1 of our series, Go Slow to Go Fast, we looked at the basics of what seems to be an inherent paradox: ...

Go Slow to Go Fast: Part 3

Now, let's take the "Go Slow to Go Fast" approach to another level.  Ready? Many of the top Ultra Fit Over 50 athletes -- and...
Jeff (left) and Paul

It’s 20 Degrees Outside, What Are You Going to Do?

As the adage goes: There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear. Well, we gave that theory a test ride today.  With winds...
The Perfect Plank

The Perfect Plank

The plank is one of the best overall, brief exercises we can all do every single day. It's all about your core.  And your...
Senior soccer player

Take it to the Next Level

To really accelerate your fitness and your altitude, not to mention your attitude, let's step it up to the Next Level.  You're ready! Try a...

Every Single Day Counts

Being Ultra Fit Over 50 is all about consistency.  Remember: every single day counts. So count on working out every single day. And, as the...
Sea Isle City 10 Miler

30 Minutes That Will Change Your Life

OK, so let's get started.  I firmly believe that being Ultra Fit Over 50 is all about embracing healthy lifestyle approaches -- in particular...
Specialized Tarmac

Cycle for Life: 30 Minutes that Will Change Your Life

So what's the best exercise for the over 50 set? High aerobic, low impact, interval training that fast, fun and exciting.  Yes, we're talking biking.  

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